Active Transport for Cities is about “Making It Easy” to bike, walk, take transit, share the ride and make streets for people, not cars. Doing so makes our cities and business healthy, green, prosperous and happy.

Whether you work for a government, transit or TDM agency, a business trying to help its own employees with their commute, or a transportation planning or transportation operations firm, I can advise you on how to implement active transport.*

Active transport is the demand side of transportation. It isn’t about building more capacity in roads, parking or transit systems. It is about getting people using the systems already in place more efficiently by Making It Easy for them to choose to get out of their cars and walking, biking and using transit instead. It’s about retrofitting streets with  investments in low-cost infrastructure that make it easier and safer to walk, bike and use transit. Or even use the streets for play.

Research says that implementing these programs maximizes smart-growth policies and investment in transportation infrastructure. It reduces traffic. And the tax base, business clime and quality of life are all enhanced.


*Note I now work for the City of Key West as their Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator and so my opportunities to advise are limited. Find me on the City of Key West web site and here’s our Car-Free Key West program. You can email me at the City at chamilton @ cityofkeywest-fl.gov.

Find me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/ChrisRHamilton

Why We Do Outreach and Education for Active Transport